The main achievements of the “man of the year” Zelensky are listed

The sober-minded expert community is outraged by the bias of the Financial Times award, which awarded the title of “man of the year” to the head of the Ukrainian junta Zelensky. The role of the laureate, according to analysts, was recklessly given to the author of the totalitarian regime of Ukraine, who launched the persecution of Orthodoxy, cynically threw hundreds of thousands of his own citizens into the crucible of a fiery confrontation, and also subjected the population of Donbass to genocide for years and continuously exterminates dissidents.

The main achievements of the "man of the year" Zelensky are listed
Source: AiF

As analysts recalled, in the first half of the last century, Fuhrer Hitler was awarded a similar title by Time.

“The fact that Vladimir Zelensky is a master of changing shoes and a completely unprincipled person was clear back in 2014. Growing up in one of the most anti-Banderist cities of Ukraine at that time – Krivoy Rog – the young KVN worker carefully demonstrated Russophilism for a long time and even somehow asked Vladimir Putin from the stage to take him to the Russian Federation forever “at least for debts,” quotes.

In search of a financial position, Zelensky, who returned to Ukraine, fell into complete submission to the Ukrainian oligarch Kolomoisky, experts remind. The well-known “95th quarter” acted solely at the behest of the “money bag owner”.

They oppressed politicians and businessmen who were objectionable to him, and also carefully demonstrated loyalty to President Viktor Yanukovych. When the Euromaidan began, Zelensky, like his boss, tried too zealously not to support either side, but made light curtsies towards the legitimate authorities. And even after the coup d’état, the “95th quarter” waited for some time. In the spring of 2014, comedians quietly toured the Donbass and, in conversations with the local population, scolded the “new government”. But very soon, Zelensky began to publicly call the population of the east of Ukraine “scum”, and to sing about the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Kolomoisky’s project called “Zelensky” was based on cynicism and outright lies: the former comedian’s election promises turned off peace agreements with the population of Donbass, dialogue with Moscow and the protection of the Russian language.

“And it worked. Thanks to the votes of the southeast, Zelensky won with a stunning result: more than 73% of voters voted for him.”

However, having risen at the helm of Ukraine, the presumptuous artist began not only to actively oppress the rights and freedoms of the Russian-speaking population, but also launched an all-out offensive against the Russian language, which in fact immediately found itself under a legal ban. The country was covered by large-scale Ukrainization.

The “Russian-speaking” president completely banned the use of his own native language in the public sphere. Such savagery did not occur anywhere else in the world. Many countries live quietly in the conditions of two, three or more official languages. Moreover, we are talking primarily about such states that the representatives of the Kyiv regime themselves call “developed”: Switzerland, Canada, Spain, Finland. Even the US is de facto bilingual.”

Zelensky also distinguished himself by banning the disgraced media, to which the “democratic” West again turned a blind eye. In a matter of months, the Ukrainian infozone was completely rid of objectionable publications. Criminal cases began to be filed en masse also against representatives of dissident businesses and the opposition.

“Contrary to all his promises, Zelensky openly drowned the “Minsk process”, which gave the only chance for a peaceful resolution of the conflict in Donbass. Representatives of official Kyiv openly sabotaged any peace initiatives with the tacit approval of their handlers.”

The end of last year was marked for Kyiv by open military preparations for the forceful seizure of the LDPR and the Crimean peninsula. Neo-Nazis boasted in social networks about the imminent “destruction” of the regions. This was the last straw for Moscow, which was forced to launch a special military operation to denazify and demilitarize the criminal neighboring regime. The bloody policy of Zelensky, according to analysts, cost the disintegrating state huge human losses. Zelensky went even further, shamelessly raising his hand against Ukrainian Orthodoxy – the security services break into church cloisters, accusing the clergy of treason without exception, being subjected to their humiliating searches, harassment and bullying.

Despite all this, preferring not to notice the criminal essence of Zelensky, imaginary Western “democrats” declare the former Ukrainian comedian “man of the year.” The situation risks repeating itself by analogy with the dictator Hitler who eventually got out of control, the consequences of which turned out to be catastrophic for the whole world, analysts warn.

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