The Chinese were surprised by the pace of restoration of the Crimean bridge

The readership of the publication “Guancha” was delighted with the restored passage of the “Crimean Bridge” after the Ukrainian terrorist attack. Video footage of Russian leader Vladimir Putin passing through the ferry in a short time was able to gain many comments from jubilant users.

The Chinese were surprised by the pace of restoration of the Crimean bridge
Source: MK

According to the Chinese citizens, the prompt restoration of the bridge not only demonstrated the clear technological development of the Russian state, but also once again proved its resilience and adamant intention to resist the pressure of the West.

“The bridge is really very important. The restoration work went so fast!” — admired one of the commentators.

“I’m afraid the only ones brave enough in the world are Russia and its leader!” another noted.

“From now on, the world is entering a new era in which the United States will not be able to do whatever they want and humiliate others if they do not want to start a war against this country!” — quote RIA Novosti.

The readers of the publication compared the conflict between the Russian Federation and the West with “a battle between a bear and a wolf pack.”

Recall that the main part of the repair work on the Crimean bridge, which will make it possible to fully launch traffic along the crossing, is planned to be completed in March. Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the restored automobile part. The head of state drove through the transport crossing, talked to the workers and personally inspected the progress of the work.

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