Russian aviation in the special operation zone “works very well” – Putin

The President of the Russian Federation said that Russian aviation in the zone of the special operation is working effectively

Russian aviation in the special operation zone "works very well" - Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the effective work of aviation during the special operation in Ukraine.

“Aviation is doing very well. And on combat duty it is very good, in fact around the clock, it shows itself very effectively. Everything is done on time. And they work very well. Both attack aircraft are fighting excellently, and Sushki are very good. The armament is good. They make a significant contribution to the effectiveness of the army’s actions,” Putin said, discussing the work of aviation with one of the award recipients, a test pilot. He told the President that he worked with the Su-57, “which performs the task of protecting interests.”

Earlier, the Ministry of Defense reported that the forces of the Russian Aerospace Forces destroyed more than 90 Polish mercenaries in the Kharkov region.

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