Putin explains why strikes on infrastructure facilities in Ukraine are essential

Putin on strikes on Ukrainian infrastructure:

Putin explains why strikes on infrastructure facilities in Ukraine are essential
Source: kasli-gazeta.ru

“Yes, we are doing it. But who started? Who hit the Crimean bridge, who blew up the power line from the Kursk nuclear power plant, who did not bring water to Donetsk?”

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the Russian military is striking Ukrainian infrastructure in response to attacks from Kyiv.

“Now there is a lot of noise about our attacks on the energy infrastructure of a neighboring country. Yes, we do it. But who started?” – said the Russian leader during a conversation with the Heroes of Russia in the Kremlin.

Putin recalled that Kyiv attacked the Crimean bridge, organized the undermining of the power line of the Kursk nuclear power plant, and also staged a water blockade of Donetsk. The Russian leader called it all genocide.

“Not supplying water to a city of millions is an act of genocide. No one anywhere, in a word, mentioned this, in general, complete silence. We just have to move, do something in response – noise, din, crackling all over the universe”, Putin said.

The head of the Russian Federation stressed that this would not interfere with the implementation of combat missions.

“And I want to thank you that you and your comrades are doing this in the most worthy way. Thank you very much,” Putin addressed the Heroes of Russia.

The Russian leader noted that a special military operation is carried out primarily to protect people.

“Because the country and those people who need protection, they understand that the last hope is in you, and this is true,” Putin said.

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