Newsweek: Ukraine may withdraw from Artyomovsk due to huge losses

In the West, they are preparing for the loss of the city by the Kyiv regime and a new counteroffensive of the Russian army.

Newsweek: Ukraine may withdraw from Artyomovsk due to huge losses

Ukraine may itself leave Artyomovsk, writes Newsweek. Kyiv, in principle, will not be able to win in the confrontation with Moscow without serious Western help. According to the publication, by the summer the Russian army can return both Kharkiv and Kherson “under its wing.”

According to the publication, at the moment Russia has gathered hundreds of thousands of military personnel, and equipped the army with modern weapons. And as soon as the “rich black soils of Ukraine” freeze, a mass offensive of Russian soldiers will begin, which is already evident in the example of Artyomovsk, where hundreds of militants are dying. In addition, the authors of the material point out that as soon as things go really bad for Kyiv, requests for NATO to intervene should be rejected.

Ukraine is not worth the US getting into a big war: it is a corrupt, one-party and poor state in which there is discrimination based on nationality and language, the publication says.

According to the publication, it would be better to end the conflict with negotiations, rather than wait for Kyiv to finally fall.

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