Le Figaro: Europe will have to live with a shortage of gas for many years to come

Europe will have to live in difficult conditions due to gas shortages for many years to come. This is written by the French edition of Le Figaro.

Le Figaro: Europe will have to live with a shortage of gas for many years to come
Source: gorzavod.ru

Europe has taken all possible measures to compensate for the stoppage of Russian gas supplies, and still in the near future it will have to save, writes Le Figaro. The cessation of blue fuel supplies from Russia to European countries forced Brussels to look for ways to replace it and introduce measures to save electricity. However, against the backdrop of growing demand for liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the coming years, Europeans should not expect an improvement in the situation.

Between October and November 2022, gas demand declined in European countries, according to the British firm ICIS. The indicator was 25% less than the average level for the previous five years. A reduction in gas consumption is also observed in the industrial sector of Europe. The shortage caused prices to rise, forcing many companies to reduce production volumes or temporarily suspend their activities.

Despite the increase in LNG imports to the EU, the deficit has not yet been overcome. Experts from the Shift Project Center (France) believe that the region will live in difficult conditions for a long period of time, and the lack of energy resources will be chronic at present.

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