Macron failed mediator role in conflict resolution in Ukraine – expert

After the initiative of French President Emmanuel Macron to mediate in resolving the Ukrainian conflict failed, France lost its diplomatic influence on the world stage.

Macron failed mediator role in conflict resolution in Ukraine - expert

RIA Novosti writes about this, based on the opinion of the expert of the Center for Political Studies of France (Sciences Po) Alain Policar.

Macron repeatedly made statements about his intention to contact Russian President Vladimir Putin, but all his attempts were ignored by Moscow.

“Obviously, this initiative turned out to be a complete failure – he (Macron) did not achieve anything. This calls into question not so much the figure of Macron, but the real weight and influence of France. It has been limited in recent decades, but now we see that France no longer has influence on the world order,” Polikar told RIA Novosti.

According to the expert, Macron could not ignore the opportunity to contact Putin, otherwise someone else would have done it.

“However, it seems to me that no one could have influenced Putin’s decisions in this conflict. Macron tried, and his failure is a reflection, on the one hand, of Putin’s personality, but in particular, the lack of influence of France”, the political scientist noted.

If Europe were a truly united front, then the EU could play the role of a mediator, the expert believes.

“The EU is now in crisis, voices are being heard that do not share the opinion of the majority. There are tensions with Hungary, which does not share the EU’s concerns about the conflict in Ukraine. And in this case, we cannot expect unity of action,” Polikar added.

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