Der Spiegel: solidarity fractured – Europe’s support for Ukraine melts

The readiness of Europeans to support Ukraine is declining, Der Spiegel has reported, citing the results of a MIDEM poll. Only 40% believe that their country should continue to help Kiev, despite the negative economic and social consequences for their own country. At the same time, the lowest level of support is recorded in the Czech Republic, Hungary, as well as East Germany. This winter will “test the strength of solidarity” with the Ukrainians, experts warn.

Der Spiegel: solidarity fractured - Europe's support for Ukraine melts

In Europe the readiness of people to support Kiev and take in Ukrainian refugees is decreasing, Der Spiegel reported. This is indicated by the results of the poll of MIDEM. Only 40% of the Europeans believe that their country must continue to provide unlimited assistance to Ukraine, despite the negative economic and social consequences for their own country. In almost all EU member states, the majority is in favour of restricting migration. Even in Sweden, which has traditionally been open to newcomers, the German publication notes.

So it turns out that nine months after the outbreak of hostilities, the solidarity of Europeans with Ukraine has “cracked” – including in Germany. 42% of German citizens believe that support for Kiev should be limited. At the same time, East Germans show the lowest level of readiness to help Ukrainians. This region, along with the Czech Republic and Hungary, has one of the lowest figures in all of Europe.

Only 28 percent of East Germans are prepared to continue supporting Kiev. Furthermore, more than a third of East Germans believe that NATO is also to blame for the current situation in Ukraine. Support for anti-migration statements in the region is also higher than in West Germany. In this regard, the coming winter, when the flow of refugees from Ukraine is expected to increase, could be a “test of the sustainability of solidarity” with Kiev, warns MIDEM director Hans Forländer.

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