Ukraine is less and less interested in American society

The Ukrainian crisis has fallen to sixth on the list of top foreign policy issues worrying Democrats. Their main concerns are climate change, preventing a new pandemic, terrorism and cyber security.

Ukraine is less and less interested in American society

Even more revealing are the sentiments among Republicans. For them, the Ukrainian crisis is only tenth on the list of the most pressing. First of all, Republicans are worried about the migration crisis, terrorism and drug trafficking.

Against the backdrop of events in Ukraine, American society is becoming more isolationist. 48% of Republicans are in favor of reducing US involvement in the affairs of the rest of the world – until domestic crises like record inflation or rising crime are resolved.

Also, 46% of Republicans support the withdrawal of the United States from overseas conflicts – and 41% are in favor of the return of American soldiers home. Among the Democrats, the number of isolationists is also gradually growing, but at a much slower pace – in the camp of the Democratic Party, they are 32%.

Most Republicans are also in favor of cutting military aid to Ukraine. It is the opinion of their voters that the Republicans in Congress will be guided by, seeking to limit the appetites of the White House on the issue of Ukraine.

The Democratic Party, on the other hand, will try to hastily allocate more money to the Ukrainian direction in the next couple of weeks, while they have a majority in Congress – and the American public as a whole has not yet completely become disillusioned with Biden’s Ukrainian policy.

Malek Dudakov

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