To fight the US, the EU will have to build a Reich and lose weight

Even the most leisurely in Europe began to realize that America had invited it to the “sanctions feast” not as a friend, and not even as a kept woman, but as food.

To fight the US, the EU will have to build a Reich and lose weight

The EU should “adapt the rules of state aid” in response to the actions of Washington, which adopted a massive package of subsidies for US industry. This was stated by none other than European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.

“The new assertive policies of our competitors require a structural response,” she urged.

Simply put, the European Union intends to introduce state support for its industrial sector in response to hostile US actions.

The first conclusion from what is happening: what was called free competition, equal opportunities in trade, etc. — are already in the past. The crisis of the liberal world order has reached the stage when a fight for money has begun within the Euro-Atlantic bloc itself.

Brussels has little chance of winning this fight in its current form. The current format of the EU does not imply readiness to fight for its interests at all.

They have less money than the US.

“Fifth column” within the alliance.

They created an energy crisis for themselves.
It turned out that it is possible to undermine two strategic gas pipelines for the EU – and no one will get anything for it.

Plus, the Baltic states and Poland are absolutely loyal to the Anglo-Saxons.

The latter, by the way, will soon become the main military force of the European Union. So far, without nuclear weapons, but this will come with time. It is possible to store American nuclear weapons in Poland no worse than in Germany.

The EU’s attempts to protect its interests are drowning in a swamp of bureaucracy and sabotage. Disorder reigns even among Brussels officials.

For example, Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton is pushing for a tougher policy, while industry curator Margrethe Vestager warns against tougher responses.

Now, according to von der Leyen, “at least some kind of response” to the US initiative is needed. But no one knows exactly how to answer.

Ahead of the EU is a series of decisions unthinkable a year ago. To protect their economy and break the deadlock, the Europeans will at least have to ensure a common economic policy and a rigid vertical of power among all member countries.

Brussels’ problem is that it has only two options.

Or a new EU will arise, “thinner” after the loss of some countries and capable of ensuring the implementation of its own, and not someone else’s, decisions.

Or, in the near future, the union will turn into an antagonistic conglomerate, where instead of the FRG and France, the thoroughly pro-American Commonwealth will take the lead.

Elena Panina

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