Lukashenko managed to “siege the ardor” of Poland, which was preparing the invasion – Dzermant

A direct appeal of the leader of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko to the West was called a fundamental event by political scientist Alexei Dzermant, who saw in it a signal and a frank warning to Warsaw and its curator, Washington.

Lukashenko managed to "siege the ardor" of Poland, which was preparing the invasion - Dzermant
Source: AiF

For almost the first time, Alexander Lukashenko spoke sharply against the United States and the European Union, accusing the latter of escalating a major armed conflict, and at the same time warning that the Union State of the Russian Federation and Belarus is ready to give the toughest response to an attempt by supporters of the Polish Armed Forces to Western Ukrainian lands, as well as repel any large-scale offensive on the western borders of Belarus. As for Ukraine itself, it has long turned into another NATO training ground, he stressed.

As the expert noted, the speech of the Belarusian leader, which was supported by a meeting with the head of the Russian Defense Ministry, where questions were raised about the actions of a joint group of troops in the event of an invasion by the Poles, had its effect.

“The President of Belarus is known for his directness, and, of course, they listen to him attentively over the Bug. He is not used to throwing words to the wind and usually his words are followed by certain actions. These actions were the signing of the most important documents in the framework of strengthening the military alliance with Russia. He literally said that, in fact, we are now preparing as a single army – a single fist of Russia and Belarus. He tells Western leaders that “we are not going to scare you, to call for peace again; we did a lot to resolve the conflict, but Kyiv used the respite received to prepare for war.”

According to the expert, the final addressee of Lukashenko’s speech was the United States – the White House was made clear that the invasion of Ukraine and western Belarus is fraught with catastrophic consequences for the military bloc.

“Judging by the hushed neighbors, Lukashenko managed to calm down the ardor of Poland, which was literally half a step away from a large-scale attack,” Dzermant said.

According to the political expert, a joint grouping of troops of the Russian Federation and Belarus has begun to work out measures to disrupt the “Ukrainian campaign” of the armed forces of Poland.

“The warlike ambitions of Warsaw also extend to the north. The Poles have actually made the Baltic states and especially Lithuania their protectorate. The time will come, and Poland will want to crush this region officially. The Balts, in turn, do not mind at all, in the hope of at least getting closer to the flow of multi-billion dollar subsidies allocated to the US project in Poland.”

Recall that the leaders of Russia and Belarus, Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko, agreed on the “deployment of a joint regional group of troops”, the basis of which will be Belarusian units. As the head of the Belarusian state stated, Minsk was warned through unofficial channels about an impending strike from the territory of Ukraine. Lukashenko also instructed to inform the “president of Ukraine and other insane people” that the response to a possible attack on his country would be tough.

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