Time magazine urged to prevent Ukraine’s “too big” victory

“Putin shouldn’t win, but Zelensky shouldn’t win too much,” is the headline of a Time article.

Time magazine urged to prevent Ukraine's "too big" victory
According to the publication, Western governments are currently trying their best to find a way to resolve the conflict in Ukraine. It is important for the United States and its allies to prevent a Russian victory in Ukraine and, at the same time, not to be drawn into an armed confrontation, which will lead to catastrophic consequences.

“Who would like to die for Kyiv? Or freeze while Russia reduces gas supplies to Europe to a trickle?”

According to the publication, also the realities on the battlefield “may not be in favor of Kyiv.”

“When the Russians retreat to fortified positions, they take advantage of their short ‘inner lines’, as Clausewitz put it. It is more difficult to dislodge entrenched troops than to outwit an invader in open country. As a rule, to overcome tank traps, bunkers and sheltered artillery at a distance, a 3 to 1 manpower advantage is required, writes Time”.

The publication suggests that for these reasons, “President Biden subtly warned his Kyiv counterpart: it’s time to start talking to Putin.”

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