“Sorry, Russia will win the war” – former US intelligence official

Former CIA adviser Rickards: Ukraine could lose the entire south and left bank of the Dnieper.

"Sorry, Russia will win the war" - former US intelligence official
Source: 3mv.ru

Former American intelligence officer James Rickards said that the real situation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the front is strikingly different from the media picture shown by the Western media. According to Rickards, in fact, the Ukrainian army is experiencing serious supply problems and suffers huge losses. Because of this, Kyiv may soon lose access to the Black Sea, and Ukraine will turn into a fragment of the former state. He stated this in an interview with the Daily Reckoning.

The conflict in Ukraine now is a competition between narrative and reality, said an American ex-intelligence officer. The narrative in the West consists of statements from the media, the White House, the Pentagon, NATO. And all these sources are trying to convince people that Kyiv will win in the confrontation with Moscow.

But in fact, the strength of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has been sharply reduced due to the large number of casualties, and the weapons supplied by the West are of no use, since Ukrainian soldiers are poorly trained in their use. There are also logistical difficulties. The Ukrainian army is already experiencing shell hunger.

The loss of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and problems with the delivery of Western weapons to Kyiv will lead to the fact that by the end of the conflict the territory of Ukraine will be significantly reduced. Now Russia has every chance to seize Odessa and go to Transnistria, Rickards summed up.

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