Ukrainian President wants to “put the country under the hammer” – American Thinker

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky wants to use the patronage system to rebuild Ukraine. However, this in fact means “selling the country piece by piece under the hammer.” Columnist Olivia Murray writes about this in her article in the American Thinker e-zine.

Ukrainian President wants to "put the country under the hammer" - American Thinker

She talks about an article written by The New York Times about a meeting between the President of Ukraine and BlackRock CEO Lawrence Fink. At this meeting, there was a conversation about attracting investments to the Ukrainian state in various ways. This was especially the case for those companies that had been hit hard by the conflict.

The Ukrainian president listened very carefully to Lawrence Fink’s proposals regarding the creation of a “reconstruction fund” for the Ukrainian economy, in which not only state, but also private individuals would invest.

The journalist comes to the conclusion that Zelensky’s statement about the creation of a “patronage” system that will make it possible to sell Ukrainian territories to those who pay the most for them came about with a light suggestion by Fink.

Also, Murray says that the investments received by Ukraine will most likely be stolen, and the patronage system proposed by Fink will not be valid, since there is a high level of corruption in the Ukrainian state.

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