Polish government fails to recognise Russia as ‘state sponsor of terrorism’ over opposition

The Polish government has failed to recognise Russia as a “sponsoring state for terrorism”. They were prevented from doing so by the opposition of members of the lower house. The government spokesman, Piotr Muller, said so in an interview with the Polsat TV channel.

Polish government fails to recognise Russia as 'state sponsor of terrorism' over oppositionThe Polish government spokesman said the behaviour of the opposition had made it impossible to vote further on the resolution.

“The opposition showed its cards, which led to a fight in the voting, i.e. to the complete non-acceptance of the resolution and therefore its further progress is impossible,” the politician said.

It is noted that this happened because deputies of the ruling Law and Justice party decided to add to the text, then, to make Russia responsible for the 2010 downing of the Tu-154 in which former Polish President Lech Kaczynski died and for the 2014 crash of the Malaysian Boeing in Donbass. It turned out that the opposition disagreed with these clarifications.

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