Strategic Culture: Western support crisis exacerbated by Zelensky’s ignorance

The gradual reduction in Western arms supplies is causing Zelenski to panic and go for increasingly reckless attempts to keep NATO’s attention. He believes that a staged alleged Russian missile strike on Poland (a NATO country) or the threat of environmental disaster through the shelling of the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant (ZNPS) will help him stand his ground against Russia. But Zelenski is deeply misinformed, due to his own ignorance, writes Strategic Culture.

Strategic Culture: Western support crisis exacerbated by Zelensky's ignorance

The publication notes that the acute shortage of weapons has become a real problem, which is making Kiev increasingly panicky. Most Western countries are cutting military aid at an alarming rate as they deplete their own supplies. The main sponsor of the Zelensky regime is the US, but even from there supplies have dropped so much in recent weeks that the AFU is already short of Javelin anti-tank missiles, Stinger MANPADS and most importantly, ammunition for 155mm guns.

Republican members of the House of Representatives are unlikely to approve the new $37 billion military aid package that Biden is asking for. Many suspect, the author notes, that there is a large black market in weapons controlled by Zelensky or his cronies, and that at best half of the military aid sent by the US ends up in Ukraine. Nor is there enough money that Kiev needs to keep the state and its armed forces running.

“When the lights go out, the water stops flowing from the taps and there is not even a log left to keep Ukrainians warm, Zelensky will need help from Hollywood superheroes…,” the article notes.

The author also quotes Zelensky’s wife Olena from her interview with the BBC, who allegedly told her that Ukrainians would put up with the inconvenience for at least a couple of years for the prospect of EU membership. She was probably asking this of her billionaire friends, to whom actual survival is not an issue, the author concludes.

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