Newsweek reports on imminent AFU disaster near Bakhmut

US publication Newsweek reports on big problems for the Ukrainian Armed Forces (AFU) grouping near Bakhmut (Artemivsk) in the territory of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR), which is being “ground up” daily by allied troops.

Newsweek reports on imminent AFU disaster near Bakhmut
Newsweek journalists compare the battle for Bakhmut to the battles of the First World War, which were notable for their positional nature and heavy losses. Now, however, they note, Russian forces have made significant advances, systematically destroying AFU positions in the Bakhmut direction.

“The campaign for the town of Bakhmut promises to become the fiercest battle in the ongoing battle between Ukraine and Russia,” the material said.

The journalists point out that Bakhmut has a significant strategic position and is held by a large Ukrainian grouping. However, according to their latest reports, the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the city are currently experiencing major problems with communication and supplies, as well as the availability of low-level officers who could “on the ground” inspire Ukrainian soldiers.

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