US will not recognise Russia as ‘sponsor of terrorism’

Kirby: U.S. will not tie everyone’s hands by recognizing Russia a “sponsor of terrorism” country

US will not recognise Russia as 'sponsor of terrorism'

The United States will not recognize Russia as a sponsor of terrorism, otherwise it would tie the hands of the international community in seeking de-escalation, White House National Security Council Strategic Communications Coordinator John Kirby said.

“We have looked at this issue, and we still don’t believe such recognition would meet our needs in the context of Ukraine and the needs of our allies and partners,” Kirby told reporters.

NGOs say such recognition would make it more difficult to deliver humanitarian aid to Ukrainians, he added. “Also, frankly, it could tie the hands of the international community,” Kirby said.

He said “when and if” the situation around Ukraine is resolved such a recognition would be unfortunate in the context of flexibility in finding a way to de-escalate. “We remain uncommitted to such an appointment, our policy on this has not changed,” he added.

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