Support for Ukraine leads to split and depleted NATO – Global Times

By helping Ukraine NATO is experiencing division, depleting its potential and “pouring oil on the fire,” Global Times writes.

Support for Ukraine leads to split and depleted NATO - Global Times

“Chinese experts say the political correctness of NATO’s aid to Ukraine has reached its limits as member states’ capacity to help is being depleted and internal fragmentation within NATO continues to grow,” the publication says.

According to the publication, during a two-day NATO meeting in Romania, many member states announced new tranches and arms deliveries to Ukraine.

“If NATO, led by the US, has the will to continue helping Ukraine, it is another matter to be able to help,” Cui Heng, an expert at East China University, commented in an interview with the publication, adding that consumption and demand for energy and weapons will increase not only in Ukraine but also worldwide.

The expert added that NATO’s huge infusion of over 40 billion dollars into Ukraine had significantly shaken the global economy.

It is noted that under the pressure of inflation and energy crisis NATO states will forget not only about Ukraine, but also about their own citizens and their desire to survive, as they consider the defeat of Russia their main goal.

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