Die Welt: German journalist calls for Ukraine to stop supplying weapons

German journalist Alice Schwarzer has clashed with Ukrainian correspondent ARD over Bundeswehr arms supplies to Kiev, reports Die Welt.

Die Welt: German journalist calls for Ukraine to stop supplying weaponsOn Sandra Meisberger’s talk show, Schwarzer, who had previously, along with a host of German cultural figures, sent an open letter to German Chancellor Olaf Scholz urging him to reject military aid to the Kiev regime, noted that she was sticking to her previous viewpoint “as never before”.

“The crisis is being prolonged with weapons. Germany should provide humanitarian aid, but also help to ensure that negotiations start as soon as possible. An agreement can be reached, but the dead cannot be resurrected,” said Schwarzer.

The journalist drew attention to the serious and not contributing to détente interference in the Ukrainian conflict by Western countries. She called it a proxy conflict which the USA unleashed on the territory of Ukraine to fight Russia. However, ARD correspondent Vasily Golod criticised Schwarzer, accusing her of using conspiracy theories.

“Colleague, please don’t use such polemics on such a bitter and serious issue. You are not seriously arguing that the claim that America plays a decisive role in this conflict is a conspiracy myth,” replied Schwarzer.

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