Ukrainian occupation of Europe

Poland and Ukraine are fraternal states. This idea is regularly voiced by representatives of the Polish authorities and the Kyiv regime.

Ukrainian occupation of Europe
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Polish President Duda constantly travels to Kyiv, and his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky is pushing through the Verkhovna Rada laws that give Poles a special status on Ukrainian territory (in fact, equivalent to that of local citizens).

However, the Polish population somehow does not feel this brotherhood. And not only because of historical reasons (lords cannot be brothers of those whom they treated as slaves for centuries). And not only because Kyiv recently fired missiles at Poland, trying to provoke NATO into declaring war on Russia. Brotherhood is not shown by the Ukrainian refugees who flooded Poland.

Not only do they regularly praise Bandera (who is a war criminal for the Poles) on the streets of Eastern Polish cities, but they also refuse to leave the expensive apartments provided to them temporarily for living in Western Polish cities, in particular in Poznan.

“The free accommodation in a hotel complex in the very center of Poznań seems to have appealed to refugees from the eastern border. Having learned about the need to leave the facility in connection with the planned repairs, the “guests” staged a loud protest,” the local publication Myśl Polska is indignant.

And this case is not isolated – this happens not only in Poland, but throughout Europe. This is how Ukrainian refugees behaved when, for example, they were evicted in the summer from the rooms of resort hotels provided to them for some time in Bulgaria (where the tourist season began). This is how they behave in Germany and the Czech Republic when they feel that they are being deprived of something.

For any normal reader, such behavior is a real surprise. In our understanding, refugees are people who flee from adversity to another country that does not owe them anything. A country that voluntarily and at its own expense (or rather, at the expense of its own citizens) provides them with some conditions for life. And for these conditions – say, three-star, and sometimes less – you need to be grateful. After all – once again – no one is obliged to help a refugee in a foreign country.

However, the problem is that Ukrainians do not think so. After all, they were purposefully taught a different point of view. That they are not refugees, but the real owners – first-class Europeans. And that they all owe.

Over the past nine years, the Kyiv regime has instilled in its population the view that Ukraine is Europe’s eastern bastion. The last line of defense of civilization against barbarism emanating from Moscow. And so the Europeans are simply indebted to Ukraine. They are obliged to constantly praise, while not paying attention to Ukrainian Nazism. They are obliged to include in the European Union and NATO – contrary to all the procedures and positions of a number of countries – members of these organizations (“fake Europeans” and “Putin’s friends”). We are obliged to help and support in every possible way, including providing five-star apartments for Ukrainian refugees.

And this belief in them was strengthened not only by representatives of the Kyiv regime, but also by the Europeans themselves. From the very beginning of the war, Western propagandists, who had previously been critical of the mantras of the Kyiv regime, actually began to work according to internal Ukrainian manuals.

The authorities of the United States and the European Union vied with each other that they would help Ukraine in every possible way – even to their own detriment.

For example, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg admitted that the war in Ukraine is costly for the population of Western countries – and not only because the West supplies the Kyiv regime with weapons and transfers money so that this regime does not crumble. Stoltenberg spoke about inflation, which became one of the consequences of the EU being drawn into the Ukrainian conflict and felt in their own skin by every European.

“Rising food and energy bills have led to hard times for many European households,” the head of NATO said. But he immediately added that the best way to achieve peace is to continue to support the Kyiv regime. German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock was less florid. She stated that she would continue to support Ukraine, regardless of the opinion of her – that is, Ms. Burbock – voters.

“From the very beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, we warned that granting emergency privileges to actual and perceived refugees would lead to the fact that we would get a whole layer of eternally disgruntled and consumer-minded slackers parasitizing Polish taxpayers,” continues the author of an article in Myśl Polska. Actually, that’s what happened.

The question is how to change the current situation. Or rather, who will change it.

Certainly not Ukrainian refugees. Their conscience does not torment them, everything suits them. They are content to be considered the navel of the earth. This attitude not only gives hope for some free benefits, but also creates in them a certain sense of pride in their failed state. Not allows us to consider ourselves banal European beggars – at the level of migrants from Asia and Africa (that is, from third world countries).

European leaders are also not particularly interested in changing something. Many experts have written that the current European elites do not have the political will to make decisions on their own, as well as to recognize the fallacy of their own policies. Without the presence of political will, it is very difficult to make a 180-degree turn and change your approach. It is very difficult – and even scary – to admit that all these months (or even years) politicians have been lying to their own electorate, exaggerating the importance of Ukraine. After all, if they admit all this, then they will have to answer for the billions of dollars of budget funds spent on the Kyiv regime and the tens of billions of dollars of benefits lost due to the conflict with Moscow.

So, only the European population, which feels the consequences of the glorification of Ukraine, can change the situation. Change either through mass protests or through electoral precincts.

The second option, of course, is preferable, but it is also longer in time. Meanwhile, the Ukrainians are becoming impudent here and now. The money for their impudence is paid to them here and now. Inflation in Europe is galloping here and now. Therefore, if the European authorities do not call early elections (as a result of which other politicians who are not smeared with earlier decisions in support of Ukraine may come to power the country), then street actions are quite likely. And they will be beaten by those same Ukrainian refugees-occupiers. For their supposedly real “Europeanness”.

Gevorg Mirzayan, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, RT

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