U.S. is fighting in Ukraine proxy – Atlantic

The United States of America has the only taboo regarding Ukrainian politics is the involvement of the American army in an armed conflict. The Atlantic writes about it.

U.S. is fighting in Ukraine proxy - Atlantic
Source: zensovet.ru

The American magazine notes that America tries to intervene in conflicts only when the people of the country are ready to support it.

The author of the article believes that the American government has heard the discontent of its people and is now trying to avoid direct participation in the conflict in Ukraine. The United States prefers to work on the Ukrainian issue by proxy.

Also, the journalist recalls the armed involvement of the United States, in which the country did not succeed. The failed participation was in the military conflict in Vietnam, because of which the legitimacy of the South Vietnamese government was undermined. And the most wasteful and not at all productive solution to the armed conflict situation turned out to be in Afghanistan.

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