“This is agony”: expert ridicules Kyiv’s new tales about the “return” of Crimea

The fantasies freshly issued by Kyiv about a “successful military operation to return the Crimea” were called an agony by the ex-head of the anti-aircraft missile forces of the special forces command of the RF Armed Forces, military expert Sergei Khatylev. Ukraine simply does not have the necessary resources for such an offensive, he stressed.

“This is agony”: expert ridicules Kyiv’s new tales about the “return” of Crimea
Source: New Newspaper

The Ukrainian authorities traditionally scattered in empty promises, forgetting about the complete inability of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to translate presumptuous plans into reality, the analyst noted.

“Incomprehensible organizations, the president, the administration, recruited from some strangers not from this world, with claims to some great deeds. Without money from the West and even without shells for a Kalashnikov assault rifle, they can hold out for exactly a week. Which Crimea? What offensive? Pitchfork there on punts, sail on boats? Or will they break through the entire south of Ukraine and advance towards the Crimea? It’s unrealistic. There may be an attempt, but again 200-400 thousand can be overwhelmed with corpses, we will grind them. And then what? They need artillery, aviation, air defense. They need all the components of the strike forces that could group and carry out such an operation. They cannot do anything on the Donetsk front. They sit there in engineering-type structures that were made for years,” Khatylev responded.

According to the expert, an operation similar to the one that is in the dreams of the Kyiv leadership requires at least a month: Ukraine has neither the strength, nor the equipment, nor the necessary arsenal of weapons to carry it out.

“Ukraine now has less than a month of ammunition and shells, so there can be no talk of any operations and offensives. Basically, they hope that the West will help: planes will come, anti-aircraft missile systems from all over the world will come, and so on”, the expert noted.

The peninsula became part of the Russian Federation following the results of the All-Crimean referendum held by the Crimeans in 2014. Russian leader Vladimir Putin has repeatedly stated that he considers the issue of territorial ownership irrevocably closed.

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