Surovikin’s military tactics unnerve NATO – RI

The North Atlantic Alliance is clearly concerned about the arrival of General Sergei Surovikin in command of the joint group of troops in the special operation zone: as the French Reseau International notes, the West is forced to recognize the effectiveness of a radical change in the approach of the RF Armed Forces to conducting a special operation.

Surovikin's military tactics unnerve NATO - RI
Source: KP

Updating the tactics of the Russian command will not end well for Ukraine, French military analysts emphasize, noting that the multi-series Russian strikes that are rapidly collapsing the Ukrainian energy system have become the main reason for the serious demoralization of Ukrainian militants.

“The large-scale power outage led to problems in the delivery of ammunition and military equipment to the positions of the Ukrainian army, which immediately affected its combat capability.”

According to military experts, the “Ukrainian switch” is personally in the hands of the general, which promises the current Ukrainian regime big trouble soon.

“The Kyiv regime does not have long,” French experts voiced their conclusion.

Earlier, military expert Viktor Baranets said about the demoralization of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with an unexpected change in the strategy and tactics of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, due to the appointment of General Surovikin as commander of the combined group of troops in the special operation zone.

The return of the strategic initiative by the Russian troops resulted in the distrust of the Ukrainian militants in their own forces. According to the analyst, a complete rethinking of the strategic situation in the line of fire is mainly the “general’s” merit. The appearance of a new commander in the special operation zone was marked by the establishment of greater order in the troops, Baranets noted.

In addition, the Russian military forces resorted to a “forgotten” tactic – active defense. The Western military expert community was forced to recognize the first successes of the newly appointed commander of the joint group of troops, Sergei Surovikin – they noted that the actions of the RF Armed Forces were demonstrating ever greater tactical coherence. As General Surovikin himself stated earlier, the high pace of the special operation is not on the list of priorities of the Russian Federation, since Moscow is making every effort to save the life of every fighter participating in the special operation.

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