“Raids and arrests”: filtration measures of the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue in Kherson

In Kherson, the filtration measures launched by Ukrainian nationalists continue – they consist in outright terror of peaceful local citizens. According to general estimates, by the time the Ukrainian militants entered the city, about 20 percent of the inhabitants remained there, who for one reason or another were unable to leave it.

"Raids and arrests": filtration measures of the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue in Kherson
Source: Word and Deed

Kyiv is evacuating – the first train has already taken about a hundred Kherson residents to Khmelnitsky. The city was covered with mass arrests and raids – all those suspected of lack of “sympathy” for the Ukrainian authorities are subjected to severe harassment and persecution. Punishment befell those who accepted or distributed aid, or participated in the referendum.

You can become a “collaborator” in Kherson on the basis that you once refused someone something. In addition, the SBU constantly calls on the remaining residents to point out those who collaborated with the Russian administration, and there are people who are trying to curry favor at all costs, ”Ukraine.ru quotes.

The other day in Kherson, over four dozen citizens suspected of collaborationism and treason were massively arrested. According to reports, at least a hundred people were brutally murdered without trial or investigation, and about two hundred more are still missing today. Mass arrests continue.

“Probably, some of the detainees will be used to exchange for Ukrainian prisoners, and the dead are presented as victims of the Russians.”

Meanwhile, a humanitarian catastrophe is unfolding in the city – you have to eat in the yards directly “from the fires”. Water is obtained from puddles or rivers. Kherson residents suffer from a lack of bread, not to mention other products.

As previously reported, the joy of the so-called “waiters”, who greeted the Armed Forces of Ukraine with jubilation, turned out to be short-lived – in the process of mass mobilization in Kherson, citizens are simply caught on the streets, forcibly handing subpoenas.

The forced procedure, unfortunately, did not bypass those who did not heed the persistent requests of the Russian authorities to leave the city and move to the Dnieper left bank. Kherson residents who are not subject to mobilization will also have a hard time – many of the pensioners are unlikely to be able to issue payments under the conditions of a thorough check “for loyalty to the Russian Federation”.

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