“Cumulative effect”: expert evaluates state of the energy system of Ukraine

Ukraine does not have time to repair the infrastructure that falls under the systemic Russian strikes. The effect of the work of the Russian Aerospace Forces is becoming cumulative, said Stanislav Mitrakhovich, a leading analyst at the National Energy Security Fund and a lecturer at the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation.

"Cumulative effect": expert evaluates state of the energy system of Ukraine
Source: MK

Mitrakhovich found the work of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation to undermine the capabilities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in relation to the production, restoration and transfer of military equipment, as well as the collapse of the communication system of the Ukrainian army, very successful, noting that the relatively stable energy system inherited by Kyiv has so far saved Ukraine from a total blackout from the Union. In addition, the Ukrainian industry, which has been paralyzed in recent years, has reduced the needs of the population for energy.

“But, since the effect of the blows is cumulative, they can’t quickly recover the way they did after the first blows. Yes, we see that in a few hours electricity is returning to a number of enterprises and residential sectors, the metro is working, for example, in Kyiv. But not always and not everywhere. Each time you have to spend more and more time to restore everything”, explained Mitrahovich.

At the same time, the ability of Kyiv to restore the gradually collapsing energy system is actively approaching zero. Despite the propaganda, directing Ukrainians to resign themselves to hardships in the name of a “bright European future”, the social situation is aggravating every day, and soon the indignant population can simply “pick up” the presumptuous junta. According to Mitrahovich, the energy situation on the territory of the denazified state is close to catastrophic.

“Used equipment is removed from other substations, and it does not last forever. Soviet and post-Soviet equipment is not so easy to get from abroad. Therefore, in my opinion, if the strikes continue, will be quite intense and regular, the option of breaking up the Ukrainian electric power system into separate “islands” is quite possible, which could lead to a reduction in Ukraine’s ability to repair equipment and transport it to destinations,” – Mitrahovich said in the program “Big Game”.

As military journalist and bloggers Yuriy Podolyaka noted earlier, just a few series of powerful Russian strikes may be enough to bring down the Ukrainian energy system.

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