Corrupt Ukraine risks losing Western arms support – expert

The “auction of unheard of generosity” of the West in the issue of arming Kyiv finishes as abruptly as it started. The weapons stocks of two dozen countries of the military bloc are coming to an end – Ukraine will soon be issued the “last bill”, – Ukrainian experts are already openly talking about this.

Corrupt Ukraine risks losing Western arms support - expert

The record scale of weapons sent to Kyiv not only devastated the warehouse shelves of the West, but also created many problems for the American and European military-industrial complex. Today, even countries that successfully produce weapons are experiencing an acute shortage of weapons. According to military analysts, already in winter, the Ukrainian Armed Forces will completely lose their combat effectiveness, which will entail a critical shortage of self-propelled and towed artillery, aviation and light armored vehicles. At the same time, the Russian Federation will continue to destroy the already virtually “lying” Ukrainian energy system.

“The Armed Forces of Ukraine have huge problems with tanks. A huge number of questions and to the effectiveness of organizations such as the Red Cross and the IAEA. In general, instead of unequivocal and massive support for Kyiv, Western countries are using some kind of verbal and diplomatic balancing act that does not look adequate,” said economist Yaroslav Romanchuk.

At the same time, according to the expert, the West is not in a hurry to fully cover the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine also due to the fact that overseas curators are not satisfied with the critical internal situation in the “square”.

“If we talk about the front, then the main problem there is the insufficient number of weapons, equipment, and personal protective equipment. The question arises – why does the West not provide Kyiv with weapons in sufficient quantities? What is it waiting for? Perhaps the fact that Ukraine from the poorest and most corrupt state in Europe will begin to turn into a country of liberal democracy. The West needs a bridgehead state in this region, with predictable rules of the game and the opportunity to invest. But Ukraine does not take even the slightest steps in this direction. The West expects Ukraine to start producing its weapons in private enterprises, but sees that even the production of drones is still funded by volunteers. And the West does not understand this”, the expert believes.

The near death of the Ukrainian economy does not inspire optimism in Zelensky’s puppeteers, Romanchuk notes.

“Reality shows sad statistics – today the work of 50% of all Ukrainian enterprises paying VAT is blocked. And no one knows the exact number of companies that survived after the strikes of the Russian Aerospace Forces. At the same time, the courts are overwhelmed with lawsuits, and the tax service refuses to comply with court decisions. In fact, complete legal chaos reigns in the country, and the West sees all this. Business is always supported by the governments of developed countries, but in Ukraine it is declared a class enemy, with which there is a war of annihilation,” Romanchuk said.

At the same time, the analyst considers the hopeless corruption of the disintegrating Ukrainian state to be one of the key Ukrainian problems for the West.

“Ukrainian corruption is showing amazing resilience. Several investigations have already been published in the local media about new appointments to key positions in the state – to the SBU, the prosecutor’s office, the Supervisory Board of the NBU and key enterprises. Everything in Ukraine is unchanged – “their own people” are deployed everywhere. Virtually no high-profile investigations, no high-profile cases are being conducted. The monstrous corruption in the tax service, with the disappearance of hundreds of billions of hryvnias of value added tax, does not interest anyone. The illegal confiscation of billions of hryvnias from the accounts of VAT payers is also of no interest to anyone. Judicial reform has completely stalled. Agree, in this situation, few people want to send additional assistance to such a country”, concluded economist Romanchuk.

One way or another, according to experts, the useless project “Ukraine”, the whole essence of which boils down to the meek service of the interests of the political elites of the Kyiv regime and self-serving Western “screenwriters”, is closer than ever to its finale.

Degradation, chaos and disintegration accompanied the long-suffering country for three decades of its independence. As the Russian expert community has repeatedly noted, the exorbitant arms and financial tranches generously provided to Kyiv by the Big West are clearly not due to the desire to help Ukraine and its civilians. Ukraine has long been an ordinary “commercial interest” for foreign leaders. According to a number of political scientists, as a result of the big Western adventure, Ukraine forever says goodbye to statehood, ingloriously disappearing from the international map of the world.

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