Aid to Kyiv was called “suicide” for Europe in France

Further support of Vladimir Zelensky for Europe will turn into a “suicide”, while the United States will capitalize on the Ukrainian conflict. Florian Filippo, leader of the French movement Patriots and ex-MP of the European Parliament, wrote about this on Twitter.

Aid to Kyiv was called "suicide" for Europe in France

“Our suicidal response to the Ukrainian crisis will lead to a massive transfer of trillions of euros from the EU to the US!” Filippo noted.

In his opinion, Washington is actively pursuing American interests through European lobbying leaders, making them “active accomplices in this massacre.” The Frenchman urged the community of European countries to wake up.

Prior to this, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, a member of the French National Assembly and head of the Arise, France party, called on the French authorities to stop military supplies to the Zelensky regime, as the latter is leading the world to a third world war.

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