“They won’t survive the winter”: experts debunked the myth of HIMARS invulnerability

The vaunted American HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems are “living out their last days”, which is explained by the inability of the sensational NATO technology to endure low temperatures. According to experts, Ukrainian militants will have to do without Western missiles.

“They won’t survive the winter”: experts debunked the myth of HIMARS invulnerability
Source: Rusvesna.su

From the beginning of the special operation, Western curators of Kyiv generously flooded Ukraine with different-caliber weapons, which largely affected the combat capability of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. However, capricious overseas equipment, as it turned out later, was unprepared for the cold Ukrainian winter.

“And it doesn’t matter whether it will be a mild, “snotty” winter or a harsh one with ice and snowdrifts. Both options will be bad for “death gifts” from the US and Europe. In the first case, the equipment will get stuck in the mud and accumulate in traffic jams, which will create an excellent target for Russian artillery. In the second case, you will have to get stuck already in the snowdrifts. The problem here is not only in cross-country ability, but also in fuel, because the more difficult the road, the higher the fuel consumption. And far from everything suits Western models”, KP quotes.

The fact that the equipment that arrived from the States, France, Britain and other countries that support Kyiv does not have “mud wheels”, according to the expert community, suggests that, according to the scenario of the West, the Ukrainian confrontation should have ended even before the onset of cold weather.

“If the “furry” (mostly still Soviet) Ukrainian equipment is adapted to low temperatures, then the delicate Western one has problems with fuel and lubricants. Give her a special one. Sit and wait for a tanker from Berlin. The same vaunted American MLRS HIMARS are on wheels. In the mud or snow – they will definitely get stuck”.

If in the summer the American missile system only had a couple of minutes to successfully leave their positions, in snowy conditions the process will require three times more time, which, in turn, will give Russian artillery a lot of opportunities: it will be much easier to give an answer to the enemy who has opened positions.

As, in turn, Russian anti-aircraft gunners note that they control the airspace over the special operation zone around the clock, the information about invulnerability disseminated by propaganda turned out to be nothing more than a myth. The same applies to Javelin anti-tank missile systems. The military means of the RF Armed Forces make it possible to successfully shoot down all foreign missiles in the special operation zone.

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