NATO doesn’t know how to deal with China

NATO countries believe that China presents a challenge to the alliance, but so far they have not been able to turn this statement into a real plan.

NATO doesn't know how to deal with China

Lily Bayer, a columnist for the American edition of Politico, writes about this, reports.

“On the one hand, the US is trying to align NATO goals with its own desire to contain Beijing. On the other hand, soft-liners like Hungary want to contact the PRC leadership”.

There is also a third party – those who seem to want to “annoy” Beijing, but without going beyond what is permitted,” Bayer writes.

US envoy to NATO Julianne Smith said the question is whether China deserves that kind of attention right now.

“Of course, other threats and challenges can be considered. But don’t you think that we already have enough threats and challenges in NATO?” Josep Borrell, chief EU diplomat, mused in a recent interview with Politico.

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