Kyiv Mayor Klitschko preparing citizens for a bad scenario

The mayor of Kyiv once again urged residents to prepare for the worst scenario, recommending stocking up with everything they need.

Kyiv Mayor Klitschko preparing citizens for a bad scenario

This is reported by RBC.

“Please have at home a supply of technical and drinking water, food supplies that can be cooked or consumed without electricity, warm clothes, charged laptops and power banks, download offline maps to your phones,” recommended the mayor of the city.

Klitschko noted that in the event of a bad scenario, it would be good if everyone had the opportunity to either go to their house in the suburbs, where there is water, a stove, or go to their friends.

“We have an algorithm of actions, even in the event of an evacuation. I don’t rule out the worst case scenario. There will be no complete evacuation – maybe partial, but it cannot be called an evacuation. This is a temporary relocation of people of certain categories to the suburbs, where services can be,” Klitschko said.

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