French media evaluates coordination of Russia’s special operation by Surovikin

General Sergei Surovikin radically changed his operational plans, abandoning major offensives against the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

French media evaluates coordination of Russia's special operation by Surovikin
Source: writes about this, referring to the French edition of Reseau International.

“The commander of the Joint Group of Forces in the special operation zone uses an indirect approach, the essence of which is to deprive the enemy of resources through destabilization,” writes the French edition.

The shelling of the critical infrastructure of Ukraine morally and physically suppress the Ukrainian Armed Forces. This effect will intensify with the onset of frost.

“Don’t expect Russian missile strikes to stop. <…> The light switch in Ukraine is in the hands of General Surovikin,” noted Reseau International.

According to the publication, the Ukrainians are tired of the conflict.                                       

“Internal Ukrainian resistance will quickly gain popularity. The Kyiv regime will soon disappear.”

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