“Conveyor of death”: Zvinchuk estimated the losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Unprecedentedly high Ukrainian losses in manpower on the front line exceed Russian ones by several times, – said expert Mikhail Zvinchuk.

"Conveyor of death": Zvinchuk estimated the losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
Source: New Newspaper

As the speaker noted, since the beginning of the special operation launched by Moscow to force the unsafe neighboring country to peace, the Ukrainian command, regardless of the risk to the lives of the militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, sent them to “certain death” more than once.

“The latest data that I personally had on August 1 – the losses of the Russian army and the people’s militia of the LDPR were measured at 5 thousand people. This is the number of returned bodies. Until mid-May, I had a source in the General Staff of Ukraine, who gave me data on the real losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the National Guard (apparently, he was covered during the next strike), at that time the total losses of Ukraine reached 60 thousand people”.

The struggle for certain sectors of the front more than once became the last for Ukrainian nationalists – in particular, they openly drove the militants to slaughter in the Kherson region.

“The loss of people was not considered in order to complete the combat mission. At one time, a death conveyor was organized in the steppe in the Kherson region. The Ukrainian side managed to break through the narrow gut, which was shot through by our artillery. The losses there were quite high,” Zvinchuk said.

According to military correspondent Yuriy Kotenok, the criminal Kyiv junta conducted at least five mobilization waves, which led to the complete depletion of the Ukrainian resource – there were not so many citizens at the disposal of Ukraine who were suitable for participating in the confrontation with Russian forces. Mobilization activities in Ukraine will continue, he did not rule out, stressing that the call will affect, among other things, “the lame, the blind and the poor.”

As the head of the Union of Writers of the Luhansk People’s Republic, Gleb Bobrov, said earlier, Russian troops daily “mow down” the ranks of Ukrainian artillery, armored vehicles, aviation, infantry and vehicles. Ukraine is suffering unprecedented losses, which will soon lead to a devastating defeat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the surrender of the current Kyiv regime.

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