U.S. announces Russia’s ability to destroy Ukraine in a day

Ex-White House worker Roberts believes that Russia can destroy Ukraine in a day without the use of nuclear weapons.

U.S. announces Russia's ability to destroy Ukraine in a day
Source: news.myseldon.com

Attacks on the infrastructure of Ukraine clearly show that Russia can destroy this country in a short time, Paul Craig Roberts, a former employee of the White House during the Ronald Reagan administration, wrote about this on his website.

“Russia can destroy Ukraine in a day without using nuclear weapons,” the official said.

He believes that Russia is showing restraint towards the neighboring country because of the historical commonality.

“Ukraine and its people have been part of Russia for centuries. There are many mixed marriages. <…> The Kremlin does not want the ruins of an impoverished country near its borders”, said Roberts.

The former White House employee added that the Western media had created a picture of Russia’s “defeat”, which had given many people in the US and Europe a false impression of the situation.

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