Fox News host calls Zelensky corrupt dictator

On the Fox News channel, host Tucker Carlson criticized Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky for constantly begging for money from the United States.

Fox News host calls Zelensky corrupt dictator

Carlson is sure that because of the assistance provided to the government of Ukraine, the American economy is “going to the bottom.” The journalist specified that the United States has already allocated more than $90 billion to Ukraine, which is twice as much as Washington spends annually in Afghanistan.

“But this is still not enough for Zelensky. He does not ask the US Congress for money. He demands them”, said the presenter.

As examples, Carlson showed several excerpts from Zelensky’s video messages.

“Do you know this guy? Who is this guy? In reality, he is a corrupt Ukrainian dictator demanding money from us. He has the audacity! When will he shut up already?” the TV presenter asked.

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