Russia’s latest missile, the Sarmat, goes into mass production

Russia has launched serial production of the latest Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile. Vladimir Degtyar, general director of the Makeyev State Missile Center, told Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

Russia's latest missile, the Sarmat, goes into mass production

“The missile complex has already been put into serial production, it is provided with the necessary materials and production equipment,” he said.

Degtyar specified that the Sarmat missile for the next 40-50 years would significantly enhance the combat potential of the Armed Forces and reliably ensure the security of Russia. In the geopolitical conditions of the current world, this weapon will become the main factor of nuclear deterrence and a guarantee of maintaining stability, he noted.

“Sarmat” (RS-28, according to NATO classification – “Satan II”) is intended to replace the heaviest strategic missile in the world – “Voyevoda” (RS-20V, according to NATO classification – “Satan”). Development of the project began in 2011. Overcoming missile defence systems, the new missile has the ability to attack targets both through the North Pole and through the South Pole.

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