Russian servicemen freed from captivity fly to Moscow

Russian servicemen freed from Ukrainian captivity have returned to Moscow, the defence ministry has said.

Russian servicemen freed from captivity fly to Moscow

The soldiers were met at the Chkalovsky airfield.

“The conditions of detention were, to put it mildly, not very good. The most important thing is that we are alive. Guys all want to go home, they all miss us very much. They put moral pressure on us, but no one gives up,” confessed Roman, one of the released servicemen.

Many spent several months in unbearable conditions in Kiev-controlled territory, and had to endure horrific abuse and torture by radicals. The young men went through camps in western Ukraine and detention centres, where prisoners were generally not treated as human beings at all. It is hard to remember what they had to endure.

But our servicemen did not break down and waited for their return home. Ahead of them are treatment, rehabilitation and meeting their families.


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