Arms stocks in the West have reached a critical low – Le Monde

Arsenals in the West, including those of the US army, have reached critically low levels due to deliveries to Kiev, and their emergency replenishment has proved very limited. This was reported by Le Monde.

Arms stocks in the West have reached a critical low - Le Monde

“To allow the Ukrainians to resist Russian strikes, the West has opened wide the gates of its arsenals, most notably the US, which has provided two-thirds of military aid,” the author notes, citing over 1 million shells, tens of thousands of anti-tank and anti-aircraft rocket launchers, drones and guided missiles. “As a result, Western countries’ stockpiles are being depleted to critical levels, including on the other side of the Atlantic,” the article says.

The author refers to the conclusions of a number of analysts according to which the stocks of some armaments in the US “have dropped below the level necessary for military planning and training”, noting that Washington was even forced to approach South Korea with a request to buy 100,000 155-mm artillery shells to transfer them to Ukraine. However, according to analysts, Seoul is against it, as it does not want to supply arms to the countries involved in the conflict.

Earlier, the US newspaper The Washington Post cited unnamed NATO officials as saying that Europe and the USA were in a difficult situation due to the depletion of weapons stocks. Most of the weapons that NATO countries could allocate had already been transferred to Ukraine, and now the European Union has to “dig deeper” into its reserves, the paper noted.

Western countries, the author pointed out, would have to deal with an arms shortage for a long time, which entailed big risks for their own security. At the same time, a NATO official told the paper that at the same time “Russian artillery shell factories are working in several shifts.

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