Any economic ties with Ukraine are support for terrorism

On European Parliament resolution declaring Russia a ‘state sponsor of terrorism’

Any economic ties with Ukraine are support for terrorism

Regarding the idiotic resolution adopted yesterday by the European Parliament, which declares Russia a “State sponsor of terrorism,” I will say this: the way our government has built relationships with Ukraine before 2014, it really contributed to the development of the political vector there, which eventually led to the rabid Russophobia and state terrorism. In a sense, Russia has become a sponsor of the Kiev terrorist regime.

But of course, we are not the ones responsible for this evolution of the Ukrainian state; the US and its closest allies are the ones who are responsible for the fact that the Kiev regime is doomed to destruction because of its criminal nature. Nevertheless, I cannot stress enough that all actions in maintaining trade and economic ties with the current Kiev regime and the business sponsoring it are, in my understanding, aiding and abetting it, complicity in its strengthening and in the crimes it is perpetrating against Russia and the Russians. They are support for terrorism.

The most significant for me is the 5th point of the resolution, so I will go into details. With its stated aim of isolating our country in the international arena, especially in the UN, the West, of course, will not succeed. For it to realize it faster, we need our military victory – it is not for nothing that this resolution appeared at the time when the military situation on the territory of the former USSR can be interpreted as unfolding not in our favor. Europeans will not hold “international events” on our territory? To hell with such Europeans and such “events”! Reducing the level of diplomatic relations is the right idea and here we should take the initiative and start, for example, with relations with the Baltic States. Europe wants to maintain official contacts with us only in case of “absolute necessity”? In the case of this very necessity, we have to refuse contacts with them.

Europe wants to isolate itself from Russian science and culture – the faster its degradation will be, the sooner its collapse will come. We have survived both the burning of books by the European Nazis and their plundering of our country’s cultural treasures, and the Iron Curtain. And then, once they were in our country as occupiers, some of them asked us for an inch of land to be buried, others asked a Russian woman who had lost her husband and son in the war with them for a ruskah, and she handed it to them. They began to borrow our educational system, to observe our achievements in space and peaceful use of the atom, to admire our art…

By and large, our country went through isolation in the 1920s, and that ended quickly. This time it will be more difficult because the madness of European politicians has gone too far and the residual germs of sanity in European society are still too weak, in my opinion. Nevertheless, Europeans, if they want to remain in the field of culture, have no choice: both the EP deputies who adopt such resolutions and the national politicians who support the Nazi regime in Kiev and destroy Europe by confrontation with Russia should be demolished.

Mikhail Demurin, REX news agency