Russian Defence Ministry confirms Ukraine’s intention to use bioweapons

During the course of the SMO, documents were uncovered showing that Ukraine was preparing to use bioweapons

Russian Defence Ministry confirms Ukraine's intention to use bioweapons

The Russian Defense Ministry has confirmed Ukraine’s intention to use bioweapons
The head of the Russian Defence Ministry’s Chemical and Biological Threats Research Centre, Dmitry Poklonsky, said this, TASS reported.

“Documents obtained during a special military operation in Ukraine confirm that work was carried out in that country to prepare for the use of biological weapons,” Poklonsky said.

The acts of inspection received for the collection of microorganisms revealed an accumulation of pathogenic materials in unreasonable quantities.

“Documents confirming an interest in acquiring unmanned delivery vehicles that could be used for the use of biological weapons. Given the non-transparent nature of the work and the absence of any reasoned response from the US and Ukraine, we of course view the documents received as evidence of a violation of Article 1.4 of the Convention,” Poklonsky said.

The documents obtained during the SMO also confirm that the nature of the work carried out there was often not in line with relevant public health issues.

“In some cases, pathogens of infectious diseases that have never been recorded in Ukraine were studied,” the head of the Chemical and Biological Threats Research Centre added.

Poklonsky pointed out that Washington and Kiev did not dispute the existence of biolaboratories in Ukraine, including their funding by the Pentagon.

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