Europeans grow weary of refugees from Ukraine – Time

Amid a worsening domestic crisis, Europeans are growing weary of millions of migrants from Ukraine, Time columnist Lisa Abend writes.

Europeans grow weary of refugees from Ukraine - Time

Europe has welcomed millions of refugees from Ukraine this year, but with the onset of cold weather its residents are becoming increasingly uncomfortable with this, the article notes. The EU’s resources for hosting Ukrainian refugees are running out, and more and more countries and regions are phasing out assistance programmes and refusing to accept new arrivals.

The columnist reminds us that 7.8 million people left Ukraine at the beginning of the crisis, 4.7 million of whom settled in Europe. The EU has even changed legislation to accept all the refugees, simplifying the procedure for finding jobs and social services for displaced people. However, the crisis has dragged on and Europeans are now more and more concerned about their own problems: inflation, housing shortages, energy crisis.

“In such a situation, the first signs are emerging that the resolve of Europeans is beginning to weaken,” Abend stresses.

According to her, Europeans are gradually losing interest in the problems of Ukrainians and more and more often come out to protest, the author writes. For example, people protest against the conversion of premises into refugee reception centres, when it sometimes comes to arson, as was the case with the equestrian centre in the Irish village of Kildare.

“In many ways, this shift in sentiment reflects a general weariness and dissatisfaction of people with the need to share resources,” the columnist concludes.

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