EU to continue discussions on Russian oil price ceiling

EU commissioner Kadri Simson confirms EU will continue discussions on oil price ceiling

EU to continue discussions on Russian oil price ceiling

European Commissioner for Energy Kadri Simson has confirmed that the European Union will continue discussing a ceiling on Russian oil prices.
The previous day the Permanent Representatives of the EU countries discussed the level of this ceiling. As Bloomberg reported, a decision could have been announced on Wednesday, but in the process the talks stalled.

Ridiculous: Europe has proposed a “cardboard” ceiling on gas. “Indeed, late last night they decided that they would continue discussions,” Simson responded to reporters’ questions about the discussion on arrival at the EU energy ministers’ council.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, commenting on the West’s idea to cap prices of Russian energy resources, has repeatedly stated that Russia will not supply anything abroad if it conflicts with its interests. Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandr Novak also pointed out that Russia would not supply oil to countries that would set a price ceiling, neither at $60 a barrel, nor at any other price: Russia would only work with those consumers who are willing to work on market terms.

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