DPR forms battalion with Ukrainian POWs

A battalion of Ukrainian prisoners of war has been formed in the Donetsk people’s republic. A representative of the region’s security agencies told TASS on Thursday.

DPR forms battalion with Ukrainian POWs

“The battalion, which includes Ukrainian prisoners of war, has already been fully formed. The guys are already ready to go to the front line,” the agency’s interlocutor said.

He added that the battalion will include 50 former Ukrainian servicemen who voluntarily defected to the side of the republic.

On 24 September, the Ukrainian prisoners of war held in the penal colony in Yelenivka turned to the People’s Council (parliament) of the Donetsk people’s republic (DNR) with a request to join the Cossack battalion named after Bohdan Khmelnytskyy being formed. They submitted their proposal verbally through the chairman of the legislature, Volodymyr Bidyovka.

Resource: TASS

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