Western community shows nostalgy for normality

Here is a fact, not much noticed in our turbulent days: 83 million people per day subscribed to Donald Trump on Twitter even before the owner of the account decided whether he would return there or not

Western community shows nostalgy for normality
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In fact, the story is somewhat longer and more complicated. The current president of the United States was kicked off this supposedly free for all platform on January 8, 2021 for wrong opinions. Then, on October 26 of this year, billionaire Elon Musk acquired the platform, punished those responsible for clamping down on freedom of speech and announced that he would restore Donald Trump’s account there (this happened last Sunday). But the day before, Trump had announced that he would not be returning and had many kind words about his current speaking venue, Truth Social. Where he already has almost five million readers.

But at that moment he clearly did not have time to assess the situation. The fact is that Musk first conducted a user poll on whether to return Trump, and literally instantly collected 15 million votes in favor. Well, then the same thing happened. During the day, in anticipation of the return of Trump, 83 million people subscribed to it.

So let them figure out what to do there, but we are more interested in a simple but grandiose fact. Is there still a person in our world who is able to collect at least 83 million people in a day who want to know what he thinks on this or that occasion? And what is it that this person is saying that makes his words have such meaning?

Literally anyone discusses this phenomenon, here is at least one of the American bloggers:

“Trump is politically alive because he managed to turn the past six years into a referendum on what is happening in the White House. Every time someone lies to us about what’s going on, Trump scores points. This lie does not have to be about Trump himself: it can be any fake act of descending from the top down, from the ruling class to the masses, to signal what virtue is.”

It can be easier. Of course, the fact that he was the president of the United States and can become one again adds a lot to Trump’s reputation. But let’s not forget that he was not the most successful president (more precisely, an administrator, an organizer). But he has no equal as a global ideologist.

What kind of ideology does he have? Yes, only this person says normal things in an abnormal world, where it becomes impossible to state the obvious. But Trump could and can, and with a fight he gets what others would at least cost their careers and reputations. It is for this reason that for millions of his opponents there is no beast more terrible than Trump.

The fact is that this former television character and successful entrepreneur came to the world during the war era. The war began a long time ago – its signs were evident back in the 90s. It is being carried out for a complete change in the way of life and, accordingly, the style of thinking and statements of hundreds of millions of people. And not only in the USA – the ambitions were to subdue the whole world. The events in Ukraine, or (before that) in Syria, or (perhaps in the future) in the Taiwan Strait are only part of this battle for, in fact, the destruction of today’s man and his replacement with some other and absolutely miserable creature. The US Democratic Party and similar parties around the world are only a tool for realizing this plan.

I don’t want to repeat once again the entire list of areas in which the destruction of a person is being carried out, this list is too long: from a healthy lifestyle and continuous childhood injuries with violence from pedophiles to the need to freeze in winter or give your house to a migrant from Africa (or from Ukraine). And I also do not want to repeat once again that all these campaigns have one thing in common – moral terror, a ban on dissenting statements.

So this is from a series of the obvious: if by chance there is a person who speaks freely on all these topics, and in addition such a person turns out to be the owner of the White House one day, then they listen to him not because he says something new and incredible, but for the opposite reason – he says something, relatively speaking, old and normal with almost impunity.

What is more interesting here is not even the Trump phenomenon itself, but the human feelings and reflexes that made this phenomenon possible. The fact is that people at war – pardon the obviousness – want peace. And the world is the return of normality. The one that was before the war. Suffice it to recall how the whole world behaved after the First and Second World Wars: each time, for ten years, there were periods of attempts to return to the previous era – in all the little things and details. And only after this pause did world history move somewhere further.

Here is one of the paradoxes of the ideology called conservatism (and Trump is undoubtedly one of its involuntary natural symbols). Conservatism is always a movement forward, towards the exit from the era of the next madness of the leftists. But this movement looks like an attempt to return to the pre-war and pre-revolutionary past – simply because people are arranged that way and want just that.

And here from the great ideologist of our time, Donald Trump, you expect any revelations – for example, in which year you should want to return. When people in the USA and not only there did what they wanted and spoke freely, saying what they thought.

But then difficulties begin, because there are no ideal previous eras. We repeat: all the current muck was launched mainly in the 90s. It is enough to read as many books as possible by the American Michael Crichton (and these books are mostly from the 90s), who began his career describing the Jurassic Park, and you will see there the prototypes of many horrors that then began to choke people’s lives in earnest. And enraged scientists who unleash dinosaurs or clouds of nanoparticles on us, and angry feminists, and falsifiers of science in terms of climate change, and much more.

So it was good in the 80s? It is clear that it is better than now. But here begins the differences of people by nationality. Let’s say for a stubborn 100% Republican in the United States, the 50s are considered the golden age, but try to explain this to us, the Chinese or the Africans. And we need some very talented person who is able on a global scale to offer people the lifestyle that they already want. Another thing is that this person is unlikely to be able to collect 83 million subscribers per day.

Dmitry Kosyrev, RIA

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