The population of Ukraine has halved since independence

Data on the decline in the population follows from the bill of Ukraine on the budget for 2023. This is reported by Telegram channel Readovka.

The population of Ukraine has halved since independence

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has published the draft state budget for 2023. It, among other things, raised the issue of reducing the population after February 24th.

According to the statistical report of the Verkhovna Rada, by September, the population decreased to 27.8 million people. Before the start of Russia’s special military operation, 34.5 million people lived in the state, while in 1993 there were 52 million people in Ukraine.

It is noted that the project focuses on the difference between the numbers before the special operation and the current ones, plus it is separately stipulated that since February 24, about 12 million people left the country, and only 5.3 million of them returned.

“But the difference with the 1993 figures is striking. It turns out that since the beginning of the period of “independence” in Ukraine, the population has halved,” the publication says.

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