The degree of probability that the West will make catastrophic decisions is not zero

They can set the world on fire

The degree of probability that the West will make catastrophic decisions is not zero
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The extreme danger of Ukrainian shelling of the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, in which any next projectile could become a detonator of radioactive contamination of vast populated areas, and possibly even a nuclear catastrophe, completely excludes the chance of such actions.

It’s about a well thought out plan. The direct executor of this plan is the Ukrainian military-political leadership. And the US ruling circles are the curators.

What the essence of this plan may consist of is known for certain only to a narrow circle of initiates, which, most likely, does not even include Kyiv performers.

The Kyiv regime, despite the endless beating of its propaganda drums, is feeling worse and worse. The economy is going downhill. An army without a military industry will not last long. Ahead of winter, safely survive which is unlikely to succeed. In such a situation, like it or not, you will resort to any, including the most extreme, measures, including attempts to brush all the pieces off the chessboard. For this purpose – “to brush off all the pieces from the board” – the shelling of the ZNPP resumed and became even more risky.

A “limited nuclear incident,” as some media outlets are now calling it, would dramatically raise the stakes and bring new players into the game.

Kyiv bosses are convinced that the West will not be able to stand aside in the event of a nuclear incident in Ukraine and will directly internationalize the Ukrainian conflict by interfering under the pretext of “ensuring nuclear security.”

As for the West and its intentions, they are not so unambiguous, but a certain part of the Western ruling circles may be interested in supporting the extreme Ukrainian plan.

At the same time, there are practically no opportunities for the West to change the situation for the better within the current format of its participation in the Ukrainian crisis. Especially given the problems with the provision of military support to the Kyiv regime.

“The Washington Post, citing a representative of a NATO member state, claims that the United States and European countries are facing difficulties due to the depletion of weapons to send to Ukraine. At the same time, Russia “still has thousands of cars in warehouses,” the WP interlocutor believes. The United States and its European allies are trying to provide Ukraine with a sufficient amount of weapons and ammunition, but they are facing certain difficulties, an official from one of the NATO member states told The Washington Post on condition of anonymity. “The West is in a difficult situation. Many [weapons] have already been transferred. Western countries have to dig deeper into their reserves,” the source told WP. In his opinion, the solution to the problem of the shortage of weapons requires “long-term and strategic action.”

Proceeding from this, the situation of “thread failure” as a result of a nuclear incident in Ukraine can create favorable conditions for Western circles to reshape the situation and involve new forces opposing Russia in it. First of all, the Eastern European states that are vassals of the United States can become such forces.

The vassals are not very eager to fight, but a nuclear incident at a nuclear power plant can become a sufficient argument for them to participate in a “peacekeeping invasion” of Ukraine in order to “prevent a nuclear catastrophe of a pan-European scale.” By the way, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation also warned about the possibility of this:

The degree of probability that the West will make catastrophic decisions is not zero

The minimum plan for such an invasion may be to force Moscow to end the special operation under the pretext of unacceptable nuclear risks, to preserve the remnants of Ukraine as a springboard for a future attack on the Russian Federation.

If it is impossible to achieve the goal within the framework of the minimum plan, it is impossible to exclude the transition to a “long-range strategy” – an attempt to defeat Russia in the framework of a conventional war by attracting additional resources from Eastern Europe.

The Achilles’ heel of this Western plan is Russia’s possession of nuclear weapons and its readiness to use them if Russia’s very existence is threatened.

However, the Anglo-Saxon “hawks” hardly see this problem as unsolvable. After all, a limited nuclear war in Europe that would not physically affect the Western Hemisphere but would make America the master of half the world is in their geopolitical interests. It is no coincidence that precisely these days in the United States, statements were heard at the official level about the “harmlessness” of a nuclear explosion in Europe for America:

“A possible nuclear explosion in Europe will not have negative consequences for the health of Americans, according to the written testimony of the head of the US Department of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mallorcas before the House National Security Committee. Radiological and nuclear threats to the homeland remain low. <…> We do not expect that a nuclear explosion in Europe will have any direct health consequences at home.”

The hopes of overseas strategists that they will limit the nuclear Apocalypse in continental Europe, built on the sand. Russia will not give America the pleasure of burning alone, leaving the New World without commensurate retribution. However, it should be taken into account that the degree of probability of making such decisions in the West is not zero.

Yuri Borisov, FSK

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