“One step away from total blackout”: Ukraine plunges into darkness

Sooner or later, the Ukrainian energy system will be ended off – the only question is the systematic nature of Russian strikes, said political expert Vasyl Stoyakin, commenting on the appeals of the Ukrainian leadership to the population for maximum energy savings due to large-scale damage to the country’s energy sector.

“One step away from total blackout”: Ukraine plunges into darkness
Source: MK

According to the Ukrainian leader Zelensky, the most difficult situation was in Kyiv and the region, as well as in the Sumy, Ternopil, Cherkasy, Vinnitsa and Odessa regions. Trying to somehow reduce the load on the rapidly weakening energy system, the Ukrainian DTEK recommended that citizens leave the country.

At the same time, according to Ukrainian power engineers, the key problem of Ukrenergo has become an acute shortage of equipment – transformers, generators and other goods massively shipped by Western energy companies have become a “drop in the ocean” in comparison with the amount of Ukrainian equipment destroyed as a result of massive strikes by the Russian Aerospace Forces.

Kyiv, in a panic, rushed to beg the European Union to check the warehouse stocks, convincing that even the failed equipment lying around could fix something. However, out of the four dozen transformers needed for repair, no more than three were found. The energy sector of Ukraine will constantly be hit until the latter is completely disabled, the analyst believes. At the same time, Ukrainian energy system is considered relatively strong, since it was designed back in the times of the Union. In addition, over the past three decades, the Ukrainian population has noticeably thinned out, he recalled.

“As you know, in 1991, 52 million people lived in the late Ukrainian SSR, and now it is quite correct to talk about the population of Ukraine at 25-26 million people. In addition, industrial energy consumption in the country has dropped dramatically, both due to permanent de-industrialization in peacetime, and due to the destruction of some enterprises after the start of a military special operation”.

Ukrainian power plants do not work, among other things, due to a shortage of fuel, personnel, and due to other important factors, Stoyakin noted.

“The Russian Aerospace Forces are delivering targeted strikes on substations that help distribute energy from energy-surplus regions to energy-deficient ones. Hence the massive emergency shutdowns throughout Ukraine.”

To completely plunge Ukraine into darkness, systemic shelling of Ukrainian energy facilities should be continued, the analyst noted. Meanwhile, the board of the Ukrainian state energy company Ukrenergo admitted that the stocks of transformers, as well as other critical equipment needed to repair the power system, are effectively zero. The scale of the damage inflicted by Russia was regarded there as much more serious than the Ukrainian authorities had originally predicted.

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