Denazification of Ukraine (November 23, updated)

Denazification of Ukraine (November 23, updated)

12:43 Delivered a concentrated blow to the flank and created a gap in the enemy’s defense

Lieutenant Colonel Yevgeny Artamonov, acting as part of a battalion tactical group of Russian troops, carried out the task of liberating one of the settlements from Ukrainian nationalists who organized a layered defense on the outskirts of the village.

Skillfully directing the actions of his subordinates and taking into account the conditions of the terrain, Yevgeny decided to deliver a concentrated blow to the enemy’s flank.

Despite the superior forces of the militants, during the fighting, the subordinates of Lieutenant Colonel Artamonov destroyed two strongholds, an infantry fighting vehicle and more than 15 nationalists.

Thanks to the skillful leadership of the entrusted personnel, the professionalism and experience of Lieutenant Colonel Yevgeny Artamonov, as well as the coordinated actions of his subordinates, a gap was created in the enemy’s defensive redoubts, which made it possible to develop the offensive and liberate the settlement.

12:40 Mobilized military personnel of the air defense units on Sakhalin practice actions to destroy air targets of a mock enemy on modern field simulators of Igla man-portable anti-aircraft missile systems.

11:55 Calculations of the MLRS of the Western Military District tirelessly train at the training grounds of Belarus.

The Grad multiple launch rocket system is a powerful weapon with an area of ​​destruction that is measured in hectares. It is capable of suppressing almost any target. The duration of a full salvo of 40 shells is only 20 seconds. This is enough to destroy an entire enemy unit.

The fighters receive target designations, aim and press the start button. The cockpit shudders with a deafening roar. The sky is lit up with flames.

Our guys continue to master artillery fire algorithms. Classes at the training grounds of Belarus are held daily. Both fighters and commanders are satisfied with the results. Now the gunners are faced with a new task – to do everything just as technically, but twice as fast.

10:59 Russian military from the joint regional group of troops conducted live-fire exercises in Belarus.

The footage is published by the Russian Ministry of Defense.

The units of the Russian Armed Forces conducted firing from cannon and rocket artillery, practiced driving combat vehicles and underwent special trainings.

Russia and Belarus deployed a joint grouping on 8 October.

The reason is the increased threats from Kyiv, transmitted to Minsk through diplomatic channels.

09:01 In the village of Nevsky (temporarily occupied part of the LPR), the local population expresses dissatisfaction with corruption in the distribution of humanitarian aid.

First of all, they focused on the fact that promises are far from reality. Most of the humanitarian cargo provided by international organizations does not reach them. Instead of free distribution of humanitarian aid, it is sent to retailers. The required social payments will also “halve”. Andrey Marochko, officer of the NM LPR, reports.

08:02 According to our intelligence agencies, the largest percentage of foreign mercenaries in the units of the VFU are conducting offensive operations in the direction of the Svatovo settlement from the Kupyansky direction. In second place in terms of numbers is the Krasno-Limansky direction. The third is Artemovskoe. Andrey Marochko, officer of the NM LPR, reports.

08:00 Su-35S fighters control the sky in the special operation zone.

Flights of Russian Aerospace Forces fighters are carried out with suspended missiles of various classes. When an air target is detected, the fighter crew identifies it as an enemy aircraft and destroys it with missile weapons.

03:30 Russian intelligence officers record a shortage of electricity in Kyiv-controlled Zaporozhye. Video RIA Novosti from the standpoint of observation.

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