China undermines US alliances in the Pacific

Beijing is waging a “diplomatic and economic offensive to undermine U.S. alliances with the Pacific island nations,” wrote Kyle Sajoyan of the American Council on Foreign Policy with dismay.

China undermines US alliances in the Pacific
Source: 19FortyFive

He lists Chinese achievements:

– security agreement with the Solomon Islands, training of local police officers in China;
– a multi-billion dollar resort development program in the Mariana Islands;
– an environmental initiative in the Marshall Islands (the Bikini Atoll is located there – the site of 23 US nuclear tests in 1946-1958).

The analyst emphasizes the exceptional importance of the archipelagos:

– access to the South Pacific Ocean from Australia should be protected with the help of the Solomon Islands;
– air bases in the Philippines allow strikes against targets in the Taiwan Strait to prevent a “Chinese invasion of the island”;
The Marshalls and Marianas provide supply lines and communications to Hawaii and the US West Coast.

“It is impossible for America to project power into the Pacific without partnering with these small island states,” Sajoyan concludes.

It is indicative that the US positions in the Pacific Ocean are considered by the expert primarily from a military point of view. It follows that all statements by the White House about active competition with China without escalating into conflict are nothing more than a smoke screen.

According to Washington’s plans, a suffocating network of military bases should be created around China to isolate PLA forces on national territory and damage the Chinese economy in the event of a crisis.

This strategy is now being used against Russia and has already led to hostilities on Ukrainian territory.

China is also not inclined to trade its sovereignty, so a conflict with the US over Taiwan is almost inevitable. And Beijing’s forging ties with the Pacific island states is a preparation for it.

Elena Panina

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