Ukrainian Armed Forces deserve total annihilation

The Ukrainian army has become a stronghold of Russophobia

Ukrainian Armed Forces deserve total annihilation
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Back in 2014, a stereotype burst into our life, saying that excessive cruelty towards the Russian-speaking, the so-called representatives of the Russian World, is characteristic only of radicals, members of the nationalist formations of Ukraine. Yes, we were aware that hatred for everything Russian was artificially instilled in them, through systematic and many years of brainwashing, which affected representatives of several generations of Ukrainians. But at the same time, we still cherished the hope that most of the citizens of Ukraine, a hypothetically brotherly people to Russians, are alien to both such a worldview and certain patterns of behavior.

Illusions were crushed to dust already in March 2022, when materials began to appear on the Web showing the facts of the murder and torture of Russian servicemen who, for one reason or another, were captured by the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. At that very moment, Russians realized that excessive cruelty, like hatred of everything Russian, is inherent not only to members of the nationalist battalions.

But the hope that not all soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are unambiguous in their worldview still remained. And it was fueled by the statements of numerous individuals who, having been captured by Russian soldiers, unanimously broadcast that they did not want to fight, were driven into positions under the threat of criminal punishment and surrendered at the first opportunity due to the ideological rejection of the political course that official Kyiv determined for the country. It was these numerous cooks, drivers and signalmen who created a false idea in us that it is too early to put a final cross on the Ukrainian society.

Footage of the execution of Russian servicemen in the territory of the settlement of Makeyevka, which spread all over the world in November of this year, put an end to a long dispute on the topic of the ideological unity of the Russian and Ukrainian peoples. And, as a result, they gave rise to a discussion “who is to blame and what to do?”.

In the course of short proceedings, it became quite obvious that the Ukrainians would never admit their guilt in their deeds, in every possible way questioning both the reliability of the published footage and the very possibility of such incidents. The position of the world community will also be vague, following the example of the one that was announced after the death of two Polish residents who fell victims of the Ukrainian air defense system. By the way, the US Ambassador for Global Criminal Justice, Beth Van Schaak, has already stated that the US authorities are monitoring reports of the execution of Russian prisoners of war in the Donbass and believe that all parties to the conflict must follow international law. And that’s it. No condemnation, no call to do justice, no warning against doing the same in the future. The parties to the conflict should, but, apparently, are not obliged to…

No, everything is logical, since today it is quite obvious that this tragedy, like many other cases of reprisals against Russian citizens, became possible, including through the fault of the United States, which for many years systematically rocked the Ukrainian society, reorienting it to completely different ideals.

“The 80th brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, whose fighters shot Russian prisoners of war, is based in Lvov and closely cooperates with NATO,” explained one of the prisoners of war, who was previously part of this unit.

He also explained that American instructors who train soldiers of various units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in the course of ideological work with personnel, first of all, teach soldiers to “hate everything Russian.” Judging by recent events, their “hard work” is bearing fruit, and today the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in their ideological component are no different from the nationalist formations that previously acted as the focus of hatred for everything Russian.

Should we blame the Americans for everything that happened, partially exempting the Ukrainians from responsibility, who were simply “brainwashed”? No, no, and again no, if only because the Americans have never insisted that they have some kind of warm feelings for the people of Russia. They unequivocally defined themselves as participants in the confrontation in which Russia and the United States act as opposing sides.

In any case, the grain sprouts only on fertile soil. And since the Ukrainians so easily accepted the ideological model imposed on them, which implies hatred for everything Russian, then it was close to them in some way. And today, the excessive cruelty that they demonstrate in relation to our military personnel and civilians, territories that have spun off from Ukraine, is their conscious choice. Of course, this should be punished without regard to who, when and why so influenced the worldview of the citizens of the once allied state.

It’s just time to understand that we won’t get off with half measures. Only the complete destruction of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as a system which is destructive, Russophobic and thoroughly saturated with the ideas of racial superiority of Ukrainians over Russians, will be able to bring peace to Russia’s neighboring lands. The only way. Because they are not ready to repent, and Russians simply do not have time to re-educate the geeks who have been trained as “Anti-Russia” for more than 30 years.

Alexey Zotiev, Today.Ru

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